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Campbell, Diane, Rider University (United States)
Campbell, Diane K., Rider University (United States)
Carland, James W.
Carland, JoAnn C.
Casile, Maureen, Du Bois, Pennsylania (United States)
Cater III, John James
Charles, Tammy, Metropolitan Ministries (United States)
Chau, Ngan N, University of Nebraska at Kearney
Chaudhry, Peggy, Department of Management and Operations Villanova School of Business Villanova University (United States)
Chrisman, James J., Department of Management & Information Systems Mississippi State University and Centre for Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise University of Alberta (United States)
Church, M. Ana, Just recently graduated. Still not affiliated with any other institution. (United States)
Clarkin, John E., Northern Kentucky University (United States)
Cook, Ron, Rider University (United States)
Cook, Ronald G.
Cormier-MacBurnie, Paulette, Mount Saint Vincent University
Costin, Yvonne
Credo, Keith R., University of Louisiana at Lafayette (United States)
Cumberland, Denise, University of Louisville

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