Resource, Relational and Institutional Antecedents to Renewal in Public-Private Partnerships

Troy A. Voelker, William C. McDowell


This study examines antecedents to the renewal of relationships between public agencies and private organizations. Specifically, we examine correlations between renewal and private firm resources and industry affiliations, previous experience partnering with the public entity, and the public entities institutional mandate such as the requirement to contract with historically disadvantaged firms and minority owned businesses. Utilizing a sample of primary contracts awarded by the Johnson Space Center, a NASA directorate located in Houston, Texas, we found that previous partnership experience, the industry of the private firm such as those in science and technology, and firms that operate in multiple industries are all more likely to have renewed relationships with the public entity. In addition, we found tentative support for minorities and underrepresented firms to also experience these renewed partnerships. Discussion, practical implications, and future research ideas are also presented.

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 Metropolitan State University of Denver