Implementing Strategy in Tough Economic Times: A Case Analysis of Wrap Shack Sandwiches

Amy Brownlee, Dean A. Koutroumanis


The focus of the case decision is on making recommendations regarding the functional strategies of Wrap Shack Sandwiches, a fast casual restaurant concept.  Emily and Matt Stevens, the restaurant owners, were concerned about implementing growth strategies for their business as well as keeping their employees motivated in their absence. Neither owner currently worked full-time in the business but both noticed a continuing decrease in revenues. A bad economy was also partly to blame. The owners needed to find a way to encourage or motivate their employees to provide excellent customer service and maintain high quality standards, both sources of differentiation for the business. Due to the current economy, there is very little money available to implement costly strategies. The case is appropriate for both undergraduate and graduate level courses in Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship or Human Resource Strategy. The situation described in the case is based on actual events that occurred. All names of the parties involved (including the restaurant name) have been altered to protect their identity.

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