Entrepreneurship Education: Another Approach

Kenneth J. Lacho, Don B. Bradley III


This paper describes a university-based entrepreneurial course conducted at the University of New Orleans during a summer intersession. The learning process was heavily engaged in developing networking and negotiation skills, as well as developing a strong awareness of the economic environment. The paper was designed to explain the process of the course’s development at UNO. Because of the small number of students involved, it is not statistically sound to make any conclusions as to the validity of the course. It can be stated that all ten students did successfully finish the course.

The research also looked at a strong literature review of other entrepreneurship teaching methods. It became very evident during this literature review, that there is no one way of teaching entrepreneurship. But the described methods used by UNO seem to be more effective and applicable in real life situations. The research proposes one view of addressing what should be taught in an entrepreneurship education course.

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