Perceptions of Assistance Programs as Seen by Small Businesses and Colleges and Universities

Marilyn Young


Many common perceptions exist among the small business sector and educational institutions regarding the assistance and services they provide. This study is based two mail questionnaires from 687 small businesses and 89 educational institutions in Texas. Small businesses indicated they have used many university programs and saw the role of higher education in providing these services. Both small businesses and institutions agreed that colleges and universities should play a role in assisting small business and build bridges within the business sector. Small businesses agreed that institutions should work closely to meet the needs and provide new ideas and technology to small business and industry. Few in both sectors perceived that higher education was responsive to small business needs and it was easy to work with faculty and staff. Perceptual differences were examined according to the type of institution and minority status. Institutions should improve perceptions including affordability, response rate, and ease of working with faculty and staff.

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 Metropolitan State University of Denver