Public Relations Entrepreneurs -- Satisfaction, Motivations, and Challenges

Betsy Hays, Shannon Ritchey - Escovedo


To further explore the areas of satisfaction, motivations, and challenges among public relations entrepreneurs, 21 students in a public relations entrepreneurship course at California State University, Fresno conducted 75 in-depth interviews with public relations entrepreneurs with 25 or fewer employees throughout the United States. Those surveyed were largely satisfied with their entrepreneurial ventures and with the size of their firms. Greatest achievements cited were successfully running their firms, representing major clients, and being a good employer. Motivations for pursing entrepreneurship included a yearning for freedom, flexibility, and a longheld desire to be their own boss. Challenges noted were time management, managing employees, and finances (billing, rate setting, and collections). An overwhelming majority (94%) indicated that they would become public relations entrepreneurs all over again, though  48% believe they have no balance between their personal and professional lives.

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 Metropolitan State University of Denver