Business Incubation in the UK 2007- 2008 (A Practitioner's View)

Martyn Benson


Objectives: To set out, in a clear and structured way, an experienced practitioner’s view of current business incubation work in the UK and based on that, to set out a personal view on what should be best practice in business incubation

Prior Work: The writer’s own experience of working with start-up businesses for over 30 years and specifically in business incubation over eight years. CPD work for business support
accreditations over 15 years. Research work for previous papers on Business Support presented to ECSB, ISBA (2) and ISBE (2). Research and consultation for this paper.

Approach: Combining a record of direct personal experience – focussing heavily on the period of work in an award winning local authority business incubation and business support operation -
with research into the business incubation methods used in other organizations and information from third party reports on business incubation in the UK.

Results: A 7,000+ words review of business incubation as practised in the UK - seen through the eyes of a practitioner.

Implications: That business incubation is not just providing premises for start-up businesses. That advisers working with start-up businesses and new businesses need at least as wide if not even wider expertise than those working with established businesses.

Value: Hopefully to be one of the reference works for business incubation centre personnel and in particular the business advisers working with start-up and new businesses.

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