Specialization as a Small Business Strategic Approach

Ralph Williams, Joshua Aaron


Building on work of Brian Bloch, this paper brings Mewes’ specialization approach, energo-cybernetic strategy, to the discussion of small business strategic options. To date specialization as a strategy has received little attention in literature. A positive relationship between specialization strategy and small business performance is proposed. Hambrick and Fredrickson’s strategy diamond is applied to illustrate execution of specialization strategy in small business. In addition, suggestions for exploring the relationship between small business specialization and firm performance are presented. An aim of this work is to present potential benefits of specialization as a small business strategy, prompting further academic deliberation and research. From a practitioner view, this work aims to aid small business leaders by adding the specialization strategic approach to their consideration, which expands, and possibly simplifies their strategic approaches.


small business; strategy; specialization

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 Metropolitan State University of Denver