Creativity and Entrepreneurship: What Entrepreneurs Think

Claire Allison Stammerjohan, Tom J DeNardin, Monica Winkel, William W Stammerjohan


The purpose of this study is to examine the importance of creativity in entrepreneurship. Is it creativity that leads to entrepreneurial success, or are there subfactors of creativity, which are being examined as Opportunity Recognition, Programmatic, and Building Networks which, are more important? Or perhaps creativity stands alone and is separate from the three sub factors? A review of selected literature on the relationship between creativity and entrepreneurship suggests that creativity is in part pre-cognitive, as well as cognitive processing as described in much of the entrepreneurial literature. This suggests that the above described subfactors may not be easily identifiable as creativity at all, but may in fact be equally or more important to entrepreneurship than creativity itself.


Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Performances, relationships

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 Metropolitan State University of Denver