Developing a Small Business Management Concentration within a Business Degree

Shaike Marom, Robert N Lussier


The first academic program in Israel with a concentration in small business management, as part of bachelor's degree in management, was launched with accreditation by the Council for Higher Education of Israel in 2016. While acknowledging the external environmental factors, such as government unfavorable bureaucracy and regulations, the objective of the program was to provide an education that will develop the skills to start and manage SMEs to increase the success rate of launching new entrepreneurial ventures and to manage and grow ongoing SMEs. The article provides details on a unique methodology and considerations that served to design the structure and content of the program and courses. This methodology and design could serve as a benchmark for similar programs elsewhere.


Entrepreneurship education; Small business management; Bachelor's degree in management; concentration in small business management; Development of entrepreneurial education program; Small and medium-sized enterprises;

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