Boots2Business: An Early View of an SBA Entrepreneurship Outreach Program

  • Kirk C. Heriot Columbus State University
  • Lori Ann Dickes Clemson Unviersity
  • Andres Jauregui Columbus State University
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Outreach, Small Business Assistance


In this study we investigate Boots2Business (B2B), a new entrepreneurship program developed in 2012 by the US Small Business Administration in cooperation with several partners.  B2B is a program specifically tailored for military service members that are leaving active duty.  It is a part of the DOD’s Transition Assistance Program (TAP).  The program offers veterans a chance to learn how to start a new business through a two-day workshop followed by an 8-week online course offered through Syracuse University, in cooperation with the SBA.   This study offers insights into the program based on first-hand observations, secondary information, and government reports, with an emphasis on the two-day workshop.  In addition, we compare and contrast it with three other SBA programs: SBDC, SCORE and SBI.  We conclude by discussing the implications of B2B for policy makers and suggesting directions for future research.



Author Biography

Lori Ann Dickes, Clemson Unviersity

Kirk C. Heriot

Associate Professor of Management; Ray and Evelyn Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship

Columbus State University


Lori Dickes

Director of Masters in Public Administration

Assistant Professor

Clemson University


Andres Jauregui

Director of Graduate Business Programs

Associate Professor, Department of Economics

Columbus State University