Boots2Business: An Early View of an SBA Entrepreneurship Outreach Program

Kirk C. Heriot, Lori Ann Dickes, Andres Jauregui


In this study we investigate Boots2Business (B2B), a new entrepreneurship program developed in 2012 by the US Small Business Administration in cooperation with several partners.  B2B is a program specifically tailored for military service members that are leaving active duty.  It is a part of the DOD’s Transition Assistance Program (TAP).  The program offers veterans a chance to learn how to start a new business through a two-day workshop followed by an 8-week online course offered through Syracuse University, in cooperation with the SBA.   This study offers insights into the program based on first-hand observations, secondary information, and government reports, with an emphasis on the two-day workshop.  In addition, we compare and contrast it with three other SBA programs: SBDC, SCORE and SBI.  We conclude by discussing the implications of B2B for policy makers and suggesting directions for future research.




Entrepreneurship, Outreach, Small Business Assistance

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 University of Houston-Clear Lake