The Influence Organizational Culture Has On Commitment in the Restaurant Industry

Dean A. Koutroumanis, George Alexakis, Barbara R. Dastoor


The study tested an organizational culture and commitment model developed specifically for the full service, casual dining restaurant industry. The model is rooted in the disciplines of organizational behavior and hospitality, as they relate to employees’ commitment to the organization and their intentions to stay with that organization. The study identified the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that ultimately promote productivity and service quality Specific antecedents of service quality examined included clan culture type, affective organizational commitment, and intention for employees to remain in their present employment positions. Data were collected from five independently owned, full service, casual dining restaurants. The data results showed high levels of correlation between the variables studied. The results of this study could be used as a foundation on which restaurateurs could build effective training programs and create a paradigm shift in the organizational cultures.

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 Metropolitan State University of Denver