Call For Papers for Special Issue of the Small Business Institute Journal: The SBI, Now and The Future: Its Foundations, Benefits, and Impact

The Background and History:

Ron Cook from Rider University and Michael Harris from Eastern Carolina University presented a paper at the 2019 Small Business Institute Conference on how their participation in the SBI programs impacted their career, both teaching and research, their students, their institution, and their community. We finally have other enough interested authors to continue the special issue.


Possible topics:

How your institution has benefited from an SBI Program.

How professors have used the program to enhance their careers.

               How did you use it to enhance or change your pedagogical techniques?

               How did you use the SBI as an outlet for scholarly research?

               Did you use the SBI to provide the service component of your job?

How the SBI Program Impacted your community?

What has been your program’s impact on student retention and knowledge acquisition?

Do you have any unique stories from your institution about field-based consulting?

Has your SBI expanded to other out-of-the-classroom experiences.

How/why your students learn more, retain more, and are more engaged.

How you teach field-based consulting.

Your institution’s unique story of how it developed and its unique relationship in the community.

Have you or your Dean used the SBI as part of an accreditation with AACSB or other accrediting entity?

Have you used the SBI program as an example of social impact? If so, how?

Do you have difficulty obtaining clients and if so, do you use a client/school matching program like Riipen?

Have you ever encountered an unethical client and how did you deal with the issue?

Any changes you can suggest to the SBI and its programs?

How have you adapted to changes in clients? How do you anticipate changes in the SBI program with the next generation of students such as the Generation Z students?

How to work with your local SBDC – issues, benefits, etc.

Any theoretical basis for the SBI and its benefits.






Please submit your manuscript by July 25, 2021 into the Journal of Small Business paper management system with an email to Lynn Hoffman at that you have submitted a paper.


The process will be that each author will be asked to review one or two other submissions.  This will provide a blind double peer review.


We will ask for reviews at the first part of August and hope to have the review process finished in early fall with a fall 2021 publishing date.   As articles are reviewed and accepted, we will start putting them on the journal website.



Editors for this Special Issue


Dr. David “Lynn” Hoffman

Dr. Andrew Holt





Use Times New Roman 12-point font

Use 1-inch margins top, bottom, right and left

Please conform to the SBIJ guidelines for authors