Call for Papers (2019)

The Small Business Institute Journal ( is accepting papers for Volume 15 (2019) and Volume 16 (2020) issues.  SBIJ is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal listed in Cabell’s and indexed on Google Scholar.  There are no fees to submit, publish, or access SBIJ articles. 

We seek conceptual, empirical, or pedagogical papers examining the practice, or teaching, of small business, family business, or entrepreneurship issues.  Small business research is interdisciplinary by nature and our submissions are open to practitioners of all business disciplines.

SBIJ Papers

  • Conceptually develop theory or empirically test theory pertaining to the founding, running, or transference of small business.
  • Guide educators on the development of courses, curriculum, programs, or teaching cases for small business, family business, or entrepreneurship issues.
  • Present guidance, grounded in theory and law, for practitioners of small business.

Editorial Team


Troy A. Voelker, Ph.D.

University of Houston Clear Lake


Associate Editors

Vanessa Johnson, esq.

Dorothy Kirkman, Ph.D.

Clifton O. Mayfield, Ph.D.

Doug Steel, Ph.D.

University of Houston Clear Lake


Lynn Hoffman, Ph.D.

Metropolitan State University


Jeffrey Shields, Ph.D.

University of North Carolina Asheville

Editorial Board

John Aaron

Middle Tennessee State University


Joe Bell

University of Arkansas, Little Rock


John Batchelor

University of West Florida


Denise Cumberland

University of Louisville


Whitney Peake

Western Kentucky University


Michael Harris

East Carolina University


William McDowell

Bradley University


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